Words That Hurt Patients

Words that hurt patients by Kris Newby Recently, a stash of emails published in The Poughkeepsie Journal show that the government employees who manage millions in Lyme disease research grants have been calling infected Lyme patients “loonies” and their physicians “quacks” and “parasitic.” With no real scientific evidence, the Lyme researchers who are funded lucratively […]

“Understanding Lyme Disease” at the Vineyard Haven Public Library

Vineyard Haven Public Library presents a Two-Part Series on Understanding Lyme Disease: The Epidemic that is Sweeping Martha’s Vineyard. Please join us in our discussion and share your experiences with us. Part One of Two Sessions Tuesday, February 12th, 7:00 pm Vineyard Haven Public Library Understanding Lyme Disease: “Under Our Skin” “Under Our Skin”: A […]

The Jemsek Letters to the IDSA

Riveting reading … This sequence of letters is the most cogent and thorough articulation of the flaws of the 2006 IDSA Guidelines, coming from a top Lyme-Literate physician (speaking on behalf of a group of expert, deeply experienced doctors) seeking participate in the process. Dr Jemsek was pushing the IDSA to include a diversity of […]

Careerism at the IDSA

I’ve often wondered why the 2009 IDSA Guidelines review process resulted in a reposting of the 2006 IDSA Guidelines with no changes. This concise chart documents the history of the IDSA Guidelines investigation instigated by Connecticut Attourney General, Blumenthal. It appears, from the prodigious activities of some of the original 2006 IDSA Guidelines panel after […]