Beth Daley & the Trouble with “Prevention”

Originally posted to the MassachusettsLyme mailing list on Yahoo Groups. People- Not wishing to beat a dead horse, I’ve revised my (personal) opinion of the Beth Daley article (series) in the Boston Globe. IT’S a “BOUGHT & PAID-FOR” PUBLIC-RELATIONS JOB for Mass General. No other way to look at it. This is part of the […]

COMMENT: Drawing the Lines in the Lyme Disease Battle

“Drawing the Lines in the Lyme Disease Battle” | by Beth Daley | The Boston Globe | June 3, 2013 WHAT FOLLOWS IS AN EDITORIAL COMMENT ON A NEWS ARTICLE THAT RAN RECENTLY IN THE BOSTON GLOBE (LINK ABOVE). This comment refers to the first in a series of journalistic articles by Elizabeth “Beth” Daley, […]

FILM: “Doctored” – the New York Premiere

The New York Premiere of the documentary film, “Doctored” is at the Village East Cinema, Friday, September 21st. The show runs several times daily through Thursday, September 27th. The film premieres on Friday, September 28th in … Atlanta Chicago Dallas Los Angeles

FILM: “Doctored” – the Official Trailer