Monthly Support Group

Our community has come together over the past four years at the Martha’s Vineyard Lyme Disease Support Group, now held regularly at West Tisbury’s Howes House at 6:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Neighbors suffering complex chronic symptoms, many for decades, have been assembling in a discrete setting to share their stories of illness and recovery and the ups and downs of finding care under difficult circumstances.  The opportunity to pool our knowledge in a public environment of systematic Lyme denial, disinformation and denial of service has added a powerful and spiritually uplifting support system to all our lives.

In the support group — led by Enid Haller, RCSW PhD — we’ve had the valuable opportunity to share our experiences about the remedies & protocols that work the best, as well as those that don’t.  Local medical doctors, doctors from far & wide and holistic health practitioners have regularly attended and are always welcome to share their own experiences and perspectives on the treatment of tick illness.

If you think you’d like more information about Lyme Disease, for yourself or a loved-one, you’re most welcome to come and sit in. If you’re a health practitioner, Dr Haller is happy to fit you into the schedule if you would like to present at a future meeting.  Please don’t hesitate to call, (508) 693-1846.