Numen (Trailer): Healing Power of Plants

There’s a good segment here on the problems with allopathic medicine starting at 3:24.

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Lyme Time 2

Lyme Time 1

FILM: “Doctored” – the Official Trailer


US Congressional Hearing on Lyme Disease

Video streaming by Ustream This meeting took place in the US House of Representatives on July 17, 2012. [Please scroll ahead, hearing begins at minute 28:00 of the video.] Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights Chaired by Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ) Witnesses from the IDSA, CDC and NIH were invited to the hearing […]

Hidden in the Leaves – a documentary

Hidden in the Leaves, directed by award-winning filmmaker Mary Healey Jamiel, is the story of University of Rhode Island entomologist Thomas Mather and his team’s efforts to help people see the risks for serious tick-transmitted disease lurking in an increasing number of rural, suburban and even semi-urban landscapes in the eastern United States. This 24 […]

“Single-Dose Doxy” for prevention is not supported by science or common sense

Here’s the link to Dr Elizabeth Maloney’s paper, “Challenge to the Recommendation on the Prophylaxis of Lyme Disease” (PDF). The “Prophylaxis Recommendation” of the IDSA Guidelines — Recommendation #2 — is poorly supported by its only supporting literature. Moreover, the “Single-Dose Doxy” practise is difficult to implement in a clinical setting; and furthermore, it is, in […]

ILADS video resources for Doctors

Videos and CDs are available for sale containing presentations from the ILADS Conferences, 2009 – 2011. These talks are useful for physicians wishing to gain an overview of the state-of-the-art thinking about diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease, tick infections and the wide array of complications that arise.

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Trailer: “Under Our Skin”

We didn’t know our complex of symptoms was based on compound tick infections until we saw this movie. Believe me, the recognition was immediate and certain. Seeing the cases in the movie, extreme as they are, was like a light going on in a cave. I, for one, eventually recognized symptoms dating back to 1978 […]

Dr Richard Horowitz describes “MCIDS”

Dr Richard Horowitz (who practices internal medicine in Hyde Park, New York) is seen here defining his coinage, “MCIDS” — Multiple Chronic Infectious Disease Syndrome — for a conference audience. Chronic Lyme Disease and MCIDS is truly the great imitator, like Syphilis was years ago. MCIDS is an umbrella concept that describes every kind of compound complex […]