FILM: “Doctored” – the Official Trailer

LYME STORIES: Steve Cabana (Martha’s Vineyard)

Submitted at US Senator Blumenthal’s request for sharing personal experiences … At my summer home on Marthas Vineyard in June of 2009, I found two engorged deer ticks at the foot of my bed. The next three nights I woke up drenched with sweat. I chose to ignore it. In September of 09, I went […]

The ILADS Guidelines

PLEASE REFER TO THE NEW ILADS GUIDELINES (published August 2014) “The ILADS Guidelines” is what we call the most important document in the clinical diagnosis, treatment and healing of CHRONIC Lyme Disease. The document contains the authoritative guidelines for treatment. Only these guidelines acknowledge the persistence and chronic nature of tick-borne infections. It’s a document […]