Lyme in the News

Here’s a linked synopsis of all the major coverage of Lyme Disease in major news outlets.

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Dr Wormser’s Rigid Persistence

In Michael Specter’s piece in The New Yorker magazine, “The Lyme Wars” (July 1, 2013), Dr Gary Wormser continues to dig his own hole on the dead question of the persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi. “Right now, in the published literature, there is no evidence of persistence in humans, and if there were I would say, […]

Beth Daley & the Trouble with “Prevention”

Originally posted to the MassachusettsLyme mailing list on Yahoo Groups. People- Not wishing to beat a dead horse, I’ve revised my (personal) opinion of the Beth Daley article (series) in the Boston Globe. IT’S a “BOUGHT & PAID-FOR” PUBLIC-RELATIONS JOB for Mass General. No other way to look at it. This is part of the […]