Ground Zero for Lyme Disease

The following online note points to Sam Telford’s OpEd piece, “A Model Initiative Against Lyme Disease,” which can be accessed behind the Gazette’s paywall … If you live on the Vineyard and haven’t had Lyme disease, it’s a good bet you know someone who has. The risk of contracting the disease while hiking, gardening or […]

Tick-Attachment Times: Adjusting a Myth

Myths are stories or facts that are either often true, sometimes true or rarely true.  Myths can be entertaining & edifying for providing a telling and concise representation of the way things are. But their mild omissions or innocent oversimplifications can become dangerous when they lead to wrong action. There is a rumor that ticks […]

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Tick-Borne Illness Prevention Program

The Island Boards of Health Tick Borne Illness Prevention Program unifies an Island wide information and education effort to build public awareness and reduce the incidence of tick borne illness on Martha’s Vineyard. more …

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How to Remove a Tick

Sharp — repeat, SHARP — tweezers are good, so long as you grab the tick at the head as close to the skin as possible (and not by the tick’s body). Do not use your fingers or blunt tweezers, as this risks injecting pathogens into the bite site. “Spoons” like the green one, pictured left, […]

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