Sam Telford from Tufts talks tough on ticks at Chilmark meeting

Even though it was a gorgeous, late summer afternoon, ready made for recreating, a good number of up-Islanders were inside the Chilmark Community Center last Friday, attending a discussion on tick-borne illness, sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Boards of Health Tick Borne Disease Council (TBDC). The TBDC is made up of Island board of health […]

Beth Daley & the Trouble with “Prevention”

Originally posted to the MassachusettsLyme mailing list on Yahoo Groups. People- Not wishing to beat a dead horse, I’ve revised my (personal) opinion of the Beth Daley article (series) in the Boston Globe. IT’S a “BOUGHT & PAID-FOR” PUBLIC-RELATIONS JOB for Mass General. No other way to look at it. This is part of the […]

LYME STORIES: Kathy White (Kansas City)

TOUCHED BY LYME: KC’s Kathy White, telling it like it is to the CDC 20th June 2013 This Lyme advocate had to miss a planned meeting with CDC officials because she had a stroke. She delivered her presentation to them from her hospital bed, via telephone. Here’s what she said. Hello. My name is Kathy […]

Tick Control System (TCS)

Good information for preventive measures in the yard can be found here. On the Vineyard, we’ve used Steve Anagnos’ products and noticed fewer ticks. We have also sprayed in a few sequential years past and noticed lower deer traffic through our fence, so it should be noted that our observations are anecdotal. Mitigating the problem […]

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Vineyard Lyme Center Opens

“Vineyard Lyme Center Opens” | by Katie Ruppel | The Vineyard Gazette | September 7, 2012 After spending years studying Lyme disease, Enid Haller and husband Sam Hiser opened the Martha’s Vineyard Lyme Disease Center last Thursday off Panhandle Road in West Tisbury. The educational center provides pamphlets and books on Lyme disease, a list […]

Assessment and Management of Vector Tick Populations in New Jersey

“Assessment and Management of Vector Tick Populations in New Jersey: A Guide for A Guide for Pest Management Professionals, Land Managers, and Public Health Officials” by Terry L. Schulze and Robert A. Jordan Freehold Township Health Department PDF

Property Prevention: Tricks to Stop Ticks

Kindly made available by the Lyme Disease Association … Ticks are most likely to be in woods, where woods meet lawn, where lawn meets fields, tall brush/grass, under leaves, under ground cover (low growing vegetation), near stone walls or wood piles, shady areas, around bird feeders, outside pet areas. What you can do to lower […]

Getting your Tick Checked

The best place to get your tick analyzed for infectious potentials is at UMASS. UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology (tick-bourne disease diagnostics) FORM The cost to send in a good — LIVE — tick for identification is $40 (put the live tick into a ziplock bag with a small piece of moist paper towel or […]

“Single-Dose Doxy” for prevention is not supported by science or common sense

Here’s the link to Dr Elizabeth Maloney’s paper, “Challenge to the Recommendation on the Prophylaxis of Lyme Disease” (PDF). The “Prophylaxis Recommendation” of the IDSA Guidelines — Recommendation #2 — is poorly supported by its only supporting literature. Moreover, the “Single-Dose Doxy” practise is difficult to implement in a clinical setting; and furthermore, it is, in […]

Lyme Disease Initiative Seen as State Model

“Lyme Disease Initiative Seen as State Model” | by Katie Ruppel | The Vineyard Gazette | July 13, 2012 Lyme disease, the tick-borne illness that has been documented at epidemic levels on the Vineyard, is now the focus of a growing public health initiative that involves Island doctors, boards of health and university researchers. The […]