TEXT: Massachusetts House Bill 4259 (“H.4259”)

PDF available here The Commonwealth of Massachusetts _______________ In the Year Two Thousand Fourteen _______________ An Act relative to Lyme Disease treatment coverage. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: 1 SECTION 1. Chapter 32A of the General Laws, […]

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Lyme Center Announces Free Scholarship Available for Celebrity Detox Retreat

PRESS RELEASE Lyme Center Announces Free Scholarship Available for Celebrity Detox Retreat September 25, 2013, West Tisbury Massachusetts — The Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard announced today the availability of a free scholarship for an individual to participate in a five-day detox retreat focused on Chronic Lyme disease. The Retreat runs from November 11 through […]

WBUR Series — “Living With Lyme”

From June 25-29, WBUR is explored this public health issue. We’ll delve into the difficulties of tracking the disease, explore the history of attempts to develop a vaccine, spotlight the latest thinking on treatment, and tell the stories of patients who know these issues firsthand. Living With Lyme: Your Feedback By Martha Little July 04, […]

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The Rise of Lyme

“The Rise of Lyme: Lyme Disease crawling under the radar into Worcester County Worcester Magazine | by Barbara Taormina | March 30, 2011 Ben Secino likes inventing stuff. He’s been thinking lately about a teddy bear that warms up and comforts kids who are fussy or can’t sleep. For adults, he’s come up with a […]

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Getting your Tick Checked

The best place to get your tick analyzed for infectious potentials is at UMASS. UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology (tick-bourne disease diagnostics) FORM The cost to send in a good — LIVE — tick for identification is $40 (put the live tick into a ziplock bag with a small piece of moist paper towel or […]

Lyme Disease Initiative Seen as State Model

“Lyme Disease Initiative Seen as State Model” | by Katie Ruppel | The Vineyard Gazette | July 13, 2012 Lyme disease, the tick-borne illness that has been documented at epidemic levels on the Vineyard, is now the focus of a growing public health initiative that involves Island doctors, boards of health and university researchers. The […]

Ground Zero for Lyme Disease

The following online note points to Sam Telford’s OpEd piece, “A Model Initiative Against Lyme Disease,” which can be accessed behind the Gazette’s paywall … If you live on the Vineyard and haven’t had Lyme disease, it’s a good bet you know someone who has. The risk of contracting the disease while hiking, gardening or […]