Lyme Center Announces Free Scholarship Available for Celebrity Detox Retreat

PRESS RELEASE Lyme Center Announces Free Scholarship Available for Celebrity Detox Retreat September 25, 2013, West Tisbury Massachusetts — The Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard announced today the availability of a free scholarship for an individual to participate in a five-day detox retreat focused on Chronic Lyme disease. The Retreat runs from November 11 through […]

LYME STORIES: Kathy White (Kansas City)

TOUCHED BY LYME: KC’s Kathy White, telling it like it is to the CDC 20th June 2013 This Lyme advocate had to miss a planned meeting with CDC officials because she had a stroke. She delivered her presentation to them from her hospital bed, via telephone. Here’s what she said. Hello. My name is Kathy […]

LYME STORIES: Steve Cabana – “How I Got Well”

I want to talk about what has been critical to getting 90% better from Lyme. I want to share some key parts of my recovery process with the Lyme community. Please pass this around… This email is designed to be detailed and benefit people struggling with lyme and co-infections seeking tools for recovery. It is […]

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LYME STORIES: Amy Tan (New York, NY)

Amy Tan is the bestselling author of The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God’s Wife. I used to brag that I never got sick. I rarely came down with colds or the flu. I had health insurance for catastrophic illness and only used it once, for surgical repair of a broken leg, the result of […]

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LYME STORIES: Barbara MacLeod (Kittery Point, Maine)

Part of the 2012 WBUR series on Lyme Disease, Barbara MacLeod — a former New England Cable News anchor — shares her harrowing story.  So it all started when I was about 25 years old. And I started suffering from strange symptoms: pain, fatigue, stuff I couldn’t put my finger on. I was having trouble […]

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LYME STORIES: Karen Densmore (New Hampshire)

Dear Dr. Haller, As I’ve said before I just feel blessed to have been considered for such an amazing opportunity, and God has already began to use it to answer a specific request from last week, and for that I am grateful…It did give me a chance to reflect on where I’m at & where […]

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LYME STORIES: Richard Gerstner | Ally Hilfiger

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LYME STORIES: Dr Enid Haller (West Tisbury MA)

Senator Bloomingthal, My name is Dr. Enid Haller and I have a story to tell. I was born in a small town Altoona, Pennsylvania, in 1960 with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Back then, no one knew what it was or how to treat it. I was one of the earliest kids to be put on the […]

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LYME STORIES: Dr. Debbie & Jade Heverly

Ours is a “double story”. There are two of us whose lives have been intertwined and interrupted by the “mysterious” illness that turned out to be chronic neuroborreliosis. I am a Medical Doctor who was board certified in emergency medicine and family practice. I was educated in Pennsylvania schools and at Temple Medical, practicing for […]

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LYME STORIES: Steve Cabana (Martha’s Vineyard)

Submitted at US Senator Blumenthal’s request for sharing personal experiences … At my summer home on Marthas Vineyard in June of 2009, I found two engorged deer ticks at the foot of my bed. The next three nights I woke up drenched with sweat. I chose to ignore it. In September of 09, I went […]