Working with Dr Zhang (Steve Cabana)

Dr. Zhang: Hello Steven. Steve Cabana – Hi, Dr. Zhang, how are you? Z – Fine thank you. I see you filled out our questionnaire. Tell me a little bit about the symptoms you are experiencing now? SC – Well, Dr. Zhang, as I said in the write up right now my primary symptoms are […]

The Jemsek Letters to the IDSA

Riveting reading … This sequence of letters is the most cogent and thorough articulation of the flaws of the 2006 IDSA Guidelines, coming from a top Lyme-Literate physician (speaking on behalf of a group of expert, deeply experienced doctors) seeking participate in the process. Dr Jemsek was pushing the IDSA to include a diversity of […]

Find a Doctor

For Lyme-Literate doctor referrals … If you are not in our region, we always suggest the email referral system of the TBDA (Tick-Borne Disease Alliance). This is the same system as the Turn the Corner Foundation, which has merged with another entity to form the TBDA.

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Trailer: “Under Our Skin”

We didn’t know our complex of symptoms was based on compound tick infections until we saw this movie. Believe me, the recognition was immediate and certain. Seeing the cases in the movie, extreme as they are, was like a light going on in a cave. I, for one, eventually recognized symptoms dating back to 1978 […]

Dr Richard Horowitz describes “MCIDS”

Dr Richard Horowitz (who practices internal medicine in Hyde Park, New York) is seen here defining his coinage, “MCIDS” — Multiple Chronic Infectious Disease Syndrome — for a conference audience. Chronic Lyme Disease and MCIDS is truly the great imitator, like¬†Syphilis¬†was years ago. MCIDS is an umbrella concept that describes every kind of compound complex […]