An Open Letter to the Boston Globe

Michelle Tressler Massachusetts is at the epicenter of Lyme disease, an infectious disease that is estimated to be six times more common than HIV/AIDS. The Boston Globe’s misleading editorial regarding pending Lyme disease legislation on Beacon Hill reflects a fundamental failure to understand the science and politics of Lyme disease and suggests an astonishing degree […]

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**NEW ILADS GUIDELINES** for Chronic Lyme Disease

PATIENTS of Chronic Lyme Disease: Please print out these NEW ILADS GUIDELINES (this is a link to a PDF, 33 pages), and ask your doctor to follow these guidelines in your diagnosis and treatment. Also, purchase the book, Why Can’t I Get Better (link to Amazon), by Dr Richard Horowitz, and insist that your doctor read it thoroughly […]

ILADS video resources for Doctors

Videos and CDs are available for sale containing presentations from the ILADS Conferences, 2009 – 2011. These talks are useful for physicians wishing to gain an overview of the state-of-the-art thinking about diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease, tick infections and the wide array of complications that arise.

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The ILADS Guidelines

PLEASE REFER TO THE NEW ILADS GUIDELINES (published August 2014) “The ILADS Guidelines” is what we call the most important document in the clinical diagnosis, treatment and healing of CHRONIC Lyme Disease. The document contains the authoritative guidelines for treatment. Only these guidelines acknowledge the persistence and chronic nature of tick-borne infections. It’s a document […]