An Open Letter to the Boston Globe

Michelle Tressler Massachusetts is at the epicenter of Lyme disease, an infectious disease that is estimated to be six times more common than HIV/AIDS. The Boston Globe’s misleading editorial regarding pending Lyme disease legislation on Beacon Hill reflects a fundamental failure to understand the science and politics of Lyme disease and suggests an astonishing degree […]

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Phyllis Mervine’s Remarks to the CDC (June 11, 2013)

After decades of broken promises and government neglect, a leading patient advocate remains cynical. The following text is excerpted from Phyllis Mervine’s presentation to the CDC during a conference call to their meeting in Ft. Collins, Colorado, on June 11. Her remarks were presented at the invitation of Ben Beard, chief of the CDC Bacterial […]

Petition the US Senate!

Please join us in signing the petition! -Enid

The FOIA Request of the CDC TOOK 5 YEARS!

More from Kris Newby, providing the back story of what Mary Jo Pfeiffer reported on in her recent Poughkeepsie Journal article on the CDC, NIH, IDSA and the FOIA:

Lyme: The Ties that Bind (Poughkeepsie Journal)

Dear Folks, I don’t want people to miss that you can access the actual emails sent between the IDSA guidelines authors and CDC/NIH officials by clicking inside the red boxes on the following site: I found them to be very revealing. There clearly is a cosy relationship between the two groups. It is also […]

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