An Open Letter to the Boston Globe

Michelle Tressler Massachusetts is at the epicenter of Lyme disease, an infectious disease that is estimated to be six times more common than HIV/AIDS. The Boston Globe’s misleading editorial regarding pending Lyme disease legislation on Beacon Hill reflects a fundamental failure to understand the science and politics of Lyme disease and suggests an astonishing degree […]

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Phyllis Mervine’s Remarks to the CDC (June 11, 2013)

After decades of broken promises and government neglect, a leading patient advocate remains cynical. The following text is excerpted from Phyllis Mervine’s presentation to the CDC during a conference call to their meeting in Ft. Collins, Colorado, on June 11. Her remarks were presented at the invitation of Ben Beard, chief of the CDC Bacterial […]

The FOIA Request of the CDC TOOK 5 YEARS!

More from Kris Newby, providing the back story of what Mary Jo Pfeiffer reported on in her recent Poughkeepsie Journal article on the CDC, NIH, IDSA and the FOIA:

Lyme: The Ties that Bind (Poughkeepsie Journal)

Dear Folks, I don’t want people to miss that you can access the actual emails sent between the IDSA guidelines authors and CDC/NIH officials by clicking inside the red boxes on the following site: I found them to be very revealing. There clearly is a cosy relationship between the two groups. It is also […]

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Sign the Petition to the White House!

Petition is open until February 10, 2013. WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Reform the Infectious Disease Society of America Treatment Guidelines for Lyme Disease Lyme disease is at epidemic levels, posing a significant threat to public health. Lyme can lead to chronic and debilitating effects if not properly treated. Lyme is leaving masses of […]

Statistical Review of the Key Lyme Studies Reveals the ‘Wild Conjecture’ Behind the IDSA Guidelines

In a comment to the article, “Study reports flaws in design, analysis, and interpretation of Lyme disease,” Phyllis Mervine elucidates what happened from the depth of her involvement at the NIH at the time of the Klempner clinical trial … NIH Should Admit They Were Wrong Phyllis Mervine says: September 5, 2012 at 7:53 PM […]

The Jemsek Letters to the IDSA

Riveting reading … This sequence of letters is the most cogent and thorough articulation of the flaws of the 2006 IDSA Guidelines, coming from a top Lyme-Literate physician (speaking on behalf of a group of expert, deeply experienced doctors) seeking participate in the process. Dr Jemsek was pushing the IDSA to include a diversity of […]

2009 IDSA Guidelines Review Panel Hearing

Full transcripts of the hearing …

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Antibiotic retreatment of Lyme disease in patients with persistent symptoms: A biostatistical review of randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trials

Antibiotic retreatment of Lyme disease in patients with persistent symptoms: A biostatistical review of randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trials Allison K. DeLong, Barbara Blossom, Elizabeth Maloney, Steven E. Phillips Abstract Introduction Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis) is caused by the tick-borne spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi. Long-term persistent illness following antibiotic treatment is not uncommon, particularly when treatment is […]

Circularity at the IDSA

The IDSA contends that its Lyme Guidelines are not to be used as a mandatory treatment protocol. However, this does not bear true in practice. IDSA’s assertion that the guidelines are not mandatory is at odds with two practical realities: IDSA members testify against physicians who fail to comply with the IDSA Lyme guidelines, and […]

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