BOOK: Suffering the Silence

Allie Cashel’s new book on her experiences with Chronic Lyme Disease is an exceptional read! She’s on tour (click to enlarge the black square below) in a town near you …

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NEW BOOK: “Why Can’t I Get Better?” by Dr Richard Horowitz

Why Can’t I Get Better: Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease Dr Horowitz saved my family’s life, so my personal interest in this book — which we were aware was under weigh during our 2 years’ experience with the doctor — is high. Haven’t read it yet, but here are the blurbs… “Chronic […]

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Swedish Massage for Lyme-Depression

Quoting from Stephen (Harrod) Buhner’s superb and compact book, Healing Lyme … Expanding the Protocol -> Depression Depression is a common problem with Lyme infection.  The best thing that can be done for that is a regular, weekly Swedish massage.  I have used this as an adjunct to healing, both as a psychotherapist and herbalist, […]