My PICC line #1

Hey everybody I got my PICC line for Chronic Lyme Disease exactly 4 months ago I intend to keep you posted on my ongoing experience with it The first I got it my brain felt like it wasn’t swollen anymore i felt like I did before I got Lyme Disease still going strong have a […]

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Beth Daley & the Trouble with “Prevention”

Originally posted to the MassachusettsLyme mailing list on Yahoo Groups. People- Not wishing to beat a dead horse, I’ve revised my (personal) opinion of the Beth Daley article (series) in the Boston Globe. IT’S a “BOUGHT & PAID-FOR” PUBLIC-RELATIONS JOB for Mass General. No other way to look at it. This is part of the […]

COMMENT: Drawing the Lines in the Lyme Disease Battle

“Drawing the Lines in the Lyme Disease Battle” | by Beth Daley | The Boston Globe | June 3, 2013 WHAT FOLLOWS IS AN EDITORIAL COMMENT ON A NEWS ARTICLE THAT RAN RECENTLY IN THE BOSTON GLOBE (LINK ABOVE). This comment refers to the first in a series of journalistic articles by Elizabeth “Beth” Daley, […]