PRESS RELEASE: Dr Roni DeLuz and Lyme Center Announce Celebrity Detox Retreat

October 3, 2013 –­­ West Tisbury, Massachusetts –­­ Dr Roni DeLuz and the Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard announce today they are hosting a 5-­day Celebrity Detox Retreat running November 11th through 15th, 2013, at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown.  This event will be the first retreat dedicated exclusively to immune-­support and detox protocols for treating chronic illness with a special emphasis on Chronic Lyme disease.

This particular Celebrity Detox Retreat at the Harbor View Hotel focuses on the treatment of Chronic Lyme disease while incorporating a program of walking, contemplative / meditative practices, Yoga and relaxing body treatments.  This 5-­day kick start is the perfect way to restore balance to your life and help you feel healthier and more energized than ever. You will also get all the support and education you need to maintain your gains at home. Learn how to cleanse your body for a healthy, clear mind. Learn how to maintain your health and recover from Chronic Lyme disease. Learn how to juice and make healthy food choices.

The cost to attend the Celebrity Detox Retreat is $4,500.

The Celebrity Detox Retreat is part of an intensive detox experience offered by Dr Roni DeLuz, a naturopathic doctor and registered nurse who holds a PhD in natural healing and founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat in Vineyard Haven.  The Celebrity Detox Retreat is designed to introduce both healthy and chronically-­ill individuals to healing and feeling better through immune support and detoxification.

The program this week specifically includes daily treatments at Dr Roni’s Holistic Spa Annex in Vineyard Haven and, back at the Harbor View Hotel, the daily schedule includes experiences and talks with the Island’s most experienced holistic and wellness practitioners to assist you on your healing path. Presenters include:

  • Dr Roni DeLuz, ND RN PhD, natural healer and expert in treatment of chronic illness;
  • Dr Enid Haller, RCSW PhD, who runs the Martha’s Vineyard Lyme Support Group and
    founded the Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard; Hypnotherapy;
  • Katina I. Makris, CCH CIH, author of Out of the Woods, an Intuitive Healer and Classical Homeopath and host of Lime Light Radio on WBLQ, the first talk show of its kind dedicated to Chronic Lyme disease;
  • Hellie Neumann ­- acupuncture;
  • Dr. Karen Krowsky -­ flower essence therapy;
  • Dr. Thomas Redner -­ holistic MD;
  • Dr. Lorna Andrade ­- holistic nurse; and
  • Dr. Linda ­- mind, body and spirit

Said Dr Roni, “This five­day intensive is just a kick­start, the perfect way to restore balance to your life immediately. It’s designed to help you feel healthier and more energized and set you on a path to healthier living for the long haul. The retreat provides key support to the immune system for those people facing life­ and lifestyle­threatening illnesses, of which the complex of disorders surrounding Chronic Lyme is now increasingly common.”

What You Get


  • 4 nights and 5 days accommodation at the Harbor View Hotel
  • nutritious, delicious vegetarian meals & healthy juices
  • naturopathic wellness workshops with Dr Roni
  • daily Yoga session
  • 2 spa treatments
  • Chronic Lyme discussion with Dr Enid
  • presentations by other Chronic Lyme specialists
  • take-­home manual on detoxing at home
  • gift book of soups, juices & broth recipes
  • mind, body, spirit class with Katina Makris

The Beautiful Harbor View Hotel

Built in 1891 ­­ overlooking historic Martha’s Vineyard’s Edgartown Lighthouse, Edgartown Harbor and Chappaquiddick Island ­­ the Harbor View Hotel is flanked by the historic homes of the 19th Century whaling captains. With stately elm trees lining the streets, you can walk from the hotel to everything in Edgartown and explore the quaint town on a bicycle or on foot.

Said Dr Haller, “I have been a patient and collegue of Dr Roni’s since mid­2012 and the detox retreat in which I participated at the Harbor View changed my outlook on everything. I want to find a way to share this with our friends and fellow­travelers in the widespread Lyme community because the experience so dramatically accelerated my recovery. I feel that Dr Roni’s simple, empowering education has helped me take my life back from Chronic Lyme Disease.”

The daily schedule consists of Yoga, breakfast talk, meditation, talks and presentations, mind, body and spirit consultation and training, daily treatments, educational discussions, and transformational classes.

Featuring: All Dr. Roni’s soups and juices, broths and detox recipes are prepared by the Harbor View Hotel’s award­winning Chef, Nathan Gould.


Celebrity Detox Retreat

For complete information on the Celebrity Detox Retreat, follow this link:­detox­at­the­harbor­view/

Dr Roni DeLuz

Dr Roni DeLuz is the co­author with James Hester of the recently released book, 1 Pound A Day: the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox and Plan for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating (Simon & Schuster, 2013). Her previous book, 21 Pounds in 21 Days (Harper Collins, 2007) was a New York Times Bestseller. Dr Roni is the Founding Director of Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat.

Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard

The Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard is a free walk­in educational facility dedicated to the mission of helping Islanders and Island visitors heal and stay well from Chronic Lyme disease. For further information, go to Lyme Center of Martha’s Vineyard at

(617) 785­-7268
(Lesa Powell at MV Holistic Retreat)

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