Borrelia miyamotoi: IMUGEN WANTS YOUR MONEY!

There’s been a bit of press — including the current salvo — about the new iteration of a troublesome tick-borne bacteriae, Borrelia miyamotoi.

THE ONLY REASON FOR THIS PRESS IS IMUGEN — the Lyme Disease testing lab that cannot get its act together on Lyme — WANTS MORE OF YOUR MONEY!

“Dr. Philip Molloy, medical director of Norwood, Mass.-based Imugen Inc. The company’s tests are producing a better picture of the infection’s spread by identifying more cases, said Molloy, co-author of a new report about the detection of the disease.”

Find a good Lyme-Literate doctor, or a friend who’s been through it. The Lyme testing regime is poorly designed, and designed not to catch chronic, late-stage Lyme; and, what’s more, antibody testing is circumstantial, at best. If you must test, use the better designed test at IGeneX in Palo Alto, California.

Dr Nick Harris, founder of IGeneX, speaks on B. miyamotoi at ILADS this coming October (2013).

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