The Lyme Wars (The New Yorker)

The Lyme Wars” | The New Yorker | Michael Specter | July 1, 2013


This is quite a distance better than the Daley piece. (More comprehensive, sympathetic and Wormser digs his hole deeper & deeper. His argument contains the spurious reasoning of a cretin — which should be obvious to anyone — and he excludes co-infection and alternate spirochetal forms categorically from his language.)

Features a good Lyme Story from Saratoga area and also good stuff on Dr Horowitz, David Roth plus mention of TBDA.

Good points, interesting parallel with AIDS …

“Meanwhile, the scientists sometimes seem to respond more comfortably to data than to people. Researchers at the N.I.H. are pursing several lines of inquiry, including the possibility of bacterial persistence. The atmosphere resembles that of the early days of aids activism, when many of the individuals most at risk lost confidence in their doctors and sought their own medical answers. In the end, organizers of act up and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis became well known for their public protests, but they succeeded for another reason: they did their homework. Nobody was more knowledgeable about the course of H.I.V. infection than the best-informed activists.”

Overall, more of the same, only with better punctuation.

This remains frustrating because we are all walking evidence of PERSISTENCE!


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