Working with Dr Zhang (Steve Cabana)

Dr. Zhang: Hello Steven.

Steve Cabana – Hi, Dr. Zhang, how are you?

Z – Fine thank you. I see you filled out our questionnaire. Tell me a little bit about the symptoms you are experiencing now?

SC – Well, Dr. Zhang, as I said in the write up right now my primary symptoms are muscle stiffness, joint stiffness in the morning. There is no pain though. My energy fluctuates. On Monday, for example, I was able to go out, it was a warm day, and run for two miles, and I also walked for 4 miles that day. Today, I am tired, and don’t feel like exercising or doing as much. I have blurry vision sometimes, and floaters in the eye. I have been grinding my teeth for several years, and had a lot of dental work done. I would like to hear your thoughts on how the tooth grinding relates to Lyme disease. Sometimes my intestines have some gas and pressure, and I feel most comfortable when I control my diet, versus traveling or eating in restaurants.

Z – Do you have any night sweats, chills, hot/cold sensations, or fever? Any nerve pain?

SC – No Dr. Zhang, I do not have any of those symptoms. But I do have small red spots on my upper torso front and back, but I have had those from time to time since my early 20’s. Just a little more lately than before. And I have a calcium deposit on the upper digit of my middle finger, that developed when the lyme symptoms first appeared. The last week or so, sometimes I get tingling at the bottom of my feet. But only a few times, and nothing the past few days.

Z – Can you go over the progression of the illness with me please? You were infected in June of 2009 on Marthas Vineyard?

SC – Sure, well, I found two ticks in the bedroom of my vacation house on Marthas Vineyard, and over the next three nights I woke up drenched with sweat even though it was cool in the evening and the windows were open. There were no other symptoms until September, when I had pain in my hip and joints. At the time, I didn’t think the night sweats meant anything.

Z – Were you tested and treated with antibiotics?

SC – Yes, I was. I had the IGENX test. And I mentioned in the writeup the bands that were positive. I was put on Doxycycline for four months, then Amoxicillin for three months. I was not tested for co-infections.

Z – How did you respond to that treatment?

SC – I was symptom free from April until November of 2010. Then it came back. And in the spring I had shooting pains in my left shoulder like a hot poker was being jabbed in my arm.

Z – And how did you treat that?

SC- As I mentioned in the write-up, I went to the same nutritionist as Marco did, and she put me on the Yeast free, gluten free, sugar free, alcohol free diet for a month to lower the yeast, then she had me on a variety of supplements, and a pulsed antibiotic treatment of several days of zithromax followed by a couple days of flagyl.

Z- How long was that treatment?

SC- One month.

Z – That is not very long. And how did you respond to that treatment?

SC – Not as positively as the first antibiotic treatment. I had relief about 80% recovery, and recently I’d say it was more in the 70% improvement range, but not enough to stop all the supplements,
and the attention I give to my diet, exercise, positive relationships, seeing a herbal doctor to maintain balance in my body, and controlling my life to limit stress and make recovery more possible.
The winter and early spring is harder, late spring, summer and early fall, I feel better.

Z – Okay, Steven, Your condition is not to bad. Many of our patients here are very sick, and you are in the range were it doesn’t make your life pleasant and limits your activities, but it is relatively stable,
and you do not currently have some of the worst symptoms. This is good. My experience is that I think you can make a full recovery with our protocol in about six months.

SC – Dr. Zhang, I should mention that I took a standard process wormwood complex of black walnut, wormwood from artimesia, cloves, stemonia 3 of them 3 times a day for 18 days. It made my eyes burn
and liver hot according to my MD who is a traditional chinese herbal doctor trained in China. I am concerned that the allicin formula might make my body too hot.

Z – You may experience some heat problems when you take garlic, but garlic has 250 chemical compounds within it, and allicin is but one of them. I do not believe you will have a problem with a concentrate
of pure allicin.

You still experience some discomfort in your body because some component of the infection is not cleared. Perhaps there is still some co-infection like babesia, or ehrlichia. Also, the dental issue, this is a common issue with Lyme disease because the Borrellia spirochette likes to hide in cavitations in the mouth. Also, if you are grinding your teeth, that could be a peripheral neuropathy type symptom where the Trigeminal nerve is affected during your sleep cycle perhaps because of blood flow issues. I would suspect that if we tested your CD57 levels it would still show some signs of infection in your body.When CD57 is low, it is a sign of immune deficiency. Autoimmunity is a condition which occurs when the body produces antibodies against itself. Autoimmunity is present in everyone and is usually
harmless, but when you have a co-infection or lyme infection for a long time, the immune system can produce this condition to an extent that it causes problems. Inflammation causes a reduced blood supply to the brain, and that is where the disorientation symptoms you mention having some time come from. All the mental confusion, difficulty concentrating that many lyme patients have arise from this issue. The bodies response to the presence of the infection causes more problems for many people than the infection. And it appears you have some of that, but not that bad considering. Still, there is an oversensitivity in your body, which is why you don’t feel quite right.

Our treatment goals are the same for many patients because the way the disease progresses has many common qualities. Our goal is to suppress autoimmunity. This will cause CD 57 levels to improve eventually into the normal range. The treatment is anti-allergy, and anti-inflammation. Our goal is to improve your blood circulation at the cellular level. And increase the blood supply to the peripheral muscles, nerves, and joints. Conventional antibiotic treatment just focuses on the pathogen, the Lyme spirochette. Early on it is enough, but not in Chronic conditions.

SC – Why is conventional allopathic medicine unable to cure this seemingly simple bacterial infection?

Z – I think that the fundamental difficulty is in western medicine’s philosophy and way of thinking. It looks at an infectious disease, such as LD, only as a pathogen. Therefore its treatment is only antibiotics. The human body’s role in this complicated disease is overlooked. In reality, an infectious disease consists of two sides, the invading pathogen and the body’s reaction to the invasion. To only use anti-pathogen treatment is insufficient; adjusting the body’s reaction to the invasion of the pathogen is a more important aspect. To only rely on antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria without enhancing the body’s immunity and repairing the damaged tissue is an incomplete strategy of treatment. Therefore the conventional allopathic medical approach has only partial efficacy. The eventual eradication of the pathogens is the role of the body; antibiotics can only be a help to the body in accomplishing this task. When the immune system is still strong early on with lyme disease, the body can overcome it with the help of antibiotics. In your case, as in many cases, after taking antibiotics you suffered a relapse after a period of time. It suppressed the symptoms but did not eradicate the infectious agent. You have paid a lot of attention to diet, controlling stress levels, and supplements to support your general health, as well as conventional herbal medicine. And also, I would imagine, your condition is not too bad, because you trusted a classically trained traditional chinese medical doctor who treated you with herbs and attempted to restore balance to your body system. Unfortunately, many patients who come here, placed too much emphasis on Western approaches of antibiotics for prolonged periods which harmed their body systems, and made the other side of recovery more difficult.

SC – I see. Dr. Zhang, I completely understand and agree with your philosophy. My traditional Chinese herbal doctor, Dr. Wong, has been my primary MD for 25 years. But he was not experienced with this problem, and could only help keep me from getting worse. But that was important.

Z – Steven, my treatment will be for six months, with the first three months as follows:

three times a day, take 1 of my artimesia capsules. This has been well researched for malaria, lupus, babesia, ehrlichia, viruses, and cancer treatment. The herbs are very pure and are pharmaceutical grade, with no heavy metals, or contaminants of any kind.

three times a day take 2 of my concentrated allicin capsules. These are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-protozoan. The combination of these two supplements will have a broad spectrum effect on any co-infections in your body, and will cross the blood brain barrier, to get rid of issues like persistent lyme hiding in the cavitations in your jaw, or any infections in the brain, or spinal system.

three times a day take 1 of my AI 3 pills. The AI stands for Autoimmunity. It surpresses anti-body production which is causing inflammation in your body, and limiting your ability to fully recovery your health. It is also anti-allergy and will make you less sensitive to certain foods, and able to tolerate more.

three times a day take 1 of my circulation P — this improves the micro-circulation to the cells in your body, and removes the immune complex which causes difficulty. It will also increase the blood supply to your peripheral nerves.

The cost for this treatment is $380 month. I will give you to my secretary and she will make the arrangements to get them to you. After three months we will schedule another phone consultation. Do you have any final questions?

SC – Yes, I would like to know if all the supplements I am taking interfere in any way with your treatment.

Z – Steven, your condition is not too bad, and you wisely limited your antibiotic use, while attempting to balance your system with chinese herbs, and more recently you have attempted to balance yourself with these supplements from the nutritionist. I have reviewed the list of supplements, and I don’t see any problem with you continuing to take them for your general well being.

Okay, Steven, Have a nice day. Goodbye.

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