LYME STORIES: Steve Cabana – “How I Got Well”

I want to talk about what has been critical to getting 90% better from Lyme. I want to share some key parts of my recovery process with the Lyme community. Please pass this around…

This email is designed to be detailed and benefit people struggling with lyme and co-infections seeking tools for recovery. It is my personal story. It is a relatively brief story so it is far from complete. I was really sick for some time during this three year struggle. I spent about two or three hours a day, during my recovery using all my skills from my undergraduate training in Biochemistry to the research skills I developed in my Masters program, and in writing a popular business management book, to conduct research, organize information, experiment on myself and a circle of sick friends, to understand what it would take to recover from this illness. Now, I Feel fantastic. Getting high from my morning smoothie the past three days, which provides supernutrition. Lately I have been able to go to the gym multiple days in a row, to do weight lifting and then cardio. My strength and flexibility is essentially what it was prior to contracting lyme and my energy is pretty much even throughout the day. I plan to restart my kung fu training with a private teacher by the start of the New Year, and get back to doing yoga a couple times a week. Muscle definition in chest, shoulders, back, legs close to normal pre-lyme 34 waist, 44 chest. Morning muscle aches, stiffness, and lethargy is completely gone. I do not think my aerobic exercise capacity has reached pre-lyme levels but it has improved. Not wanting to eat anything until 2PM after I drink it at 8AM. Working to rid the vestiges of Lyme with super-nutrition. Since July of 2010, I started following a sugar free, gluten-free, dairy (particularly casein, the milk protein) free, yeast and alcohol free diet. I still need to stay largely on this diet to preserve my sense of well being. The reason I stress the importance of the Lyme anti-inflammatory diet is that it effectively helps to minimize and reverse the effects of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is one of the main reasons so many patients with Lyme fail to improve. Once inflammation is brought under control, your body will become better able to mobilize its defenses against Lyme and other TickBorneDiseases. Additionally, the Lyme Anti-Inflammation Diet is also highly effective in helping your body to detoxify and rid itself of toxins. The diet will also help minimize your risk of developing candidiasis (systemic yeast infection), as well as help you to bring yeast infection under control if you already suffer from it.

I learned a lot organizing everything I ever learned on my journey to recovering from Lyme disease into the three manuals produced for the Libraries on Marthas Vineyard, and shared with The Marthas Vineyard Lyme Center, the Mass State Government Tick Task force and several Lyme literate physicians in Massachusets. It was quite a surprise to me that the medical establishment was so far in the stone age in terms of helping people suffering from severe chronic lyme (not counting certain lyme literate physicians, naturopaths, and alternative practitioners. It is the results achieved with patients that determine whether you have a mental map that can navigate the terrain with this disease, not the prestige of your degree or where you practice your craft. Lyme patients care not a wit about such things. Just get me better is all they want or at least treat me with compassion if you don’t know what you are doing, instead of blaming me for your ignorance and lack of useful training.) I have been using a questionnaire developed by Dr. LaCava (which I plan to reorder just a bit), which diagnoses the probability of Lyme and Co-Infections to recommend treatment protocols to several people with severe lyme and the results have been pretty good for the couple months they have been adding these things to their plan for recovery. I like the survey because it is very expensive to test for lyme and co-infections. And the effectiveness, of co-infection tests is so poor that the majority of people who tested negatively for co-infections, when treated as if they had babesia, bartonella, etc… show responses to the treatment similar to the people who tested positive. For the people I coached, I went to their homes, looked in their refrigerators (a lot of things there that had to go), asked them to write down everything they ate for a week, spoke to their families, explained what was going on in their bodies, and the ways in which their support for their ill family member was crutial to there loved one’s recovery. And in every case, there was information present in the home environment which made it clear why their recovery process was stalled.

Now I have about half again more information than is in the manuals, so I may need to do some updating in the future. I have been thinking about presenting this to some of the lyme groups in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, letting people fill it out and score it, and then choosing one person to demonstrate how a protocol could be designed based on their unique symptom profile plus some standard things which should apply to everyone. Several people have suggested I write a book, and my answer is it is too soon.

I thought my current protocol (well, this is most of it, but not all of it. to much to fully explain, since it took all day just to write this) would be of interest to the lyme community. Particularly, my morning supernutrition smoothie:

So after months of careful dietary management (I could write 20 pages just about this), I felt like my intestines were better enough, particularly after seven months of allicin, and the Zhang herbal protocol in consultation over the phone with Dr. Zhang at SinoMedical (one supplement being Allicin, from garlic, which I have been on for seven months is the holy grail of lyme treatment. Organic freeze dried high allicin garlic extract releases 13 mg of allicin when it is dissolved in the stomach unmatched by any other product. Most products contain allicin in the area of micro-grams not milligrams. One capsule. It kills the spirochettes.) Dr. Zhang thought that this month or next month, my energy would come back, and I would start to feel close to normal, and it is apparently so. However, I do not believe Dr. Zhang’s protocol, by itself, achieved this result. Steven Buhner’s website offered a lot of valuable herbal protocols as well. And I do not think the Zhang protocol by itself was enough to get me back over the edge. The Buhner aggressive babesia and bartonella protocols were a major help and security blanket, allowing me to avoid a repeat of my initial kidney and liver function diminishing effects from eight months of anti-biotic treatment that did little except offer temporary relief (six months symptom free then wham back worse than ever) the first year of my illness. This enabled me to handle a smoothie with a not so ripe banana, and fresh raspberries, or blackberries. It has dramatically improved my energy and feeling of well being. And I no longer get the bloating, indicative of a flare up in yeast overgrowth which is a major improvement in my progress to being 100% normal again. I believe this is pushing me rapidly back to above normal health. It appears I now have more leeway in terms of fruit consumption than I have had the past two years, when eating an apple, a pear, or a few strawberries before bed, would lead to bloating, and intestinal yeast overgrowth. I think the 1/2 teaspoon of green clay powder and two teaspoons of Psylium powder I took just before bed for about eight months helped the detox process a lot and got me started toward normal bowel function.

Here is what I am taking now:

I Get up and immediately…

• Take two teaspoons organic refrigerated bee pollen – easily and rapidly absorbed complete amino acid profile, enhance immune system, promote vitality and general well being. Anti-inflammatory, relaxant.

• !-2 tablespoons Arizona Cactus Ranch pricky pear cactus juice (extremely anti-inflammatory, collagen repair, major immune booster). I consider this product a major find. It gave me the most intense four day herx, I had felt in a year, when I first started taking it. And NO ONE anywhere had tried it for lyme symptoms, but when I studied the literature on it, I felt it would be highly beneficial. You have to poop, pee, and sweat out neurotoxins, mold toxins, heavy metals and so on to detox from Lyme, co-infections, and likely heavy metal issues. In a few weeks of using this product, it will make stuff that needs to come out of your intestines slide right out. My bowel movements increased to three times a day, normal well formed. No kidding, after using this product for a couple months. I order two quarts at a time for a total of $100 and they last me four months.

• 1/2 teaspoon cats claw powder and 1/2 teaspoon polygonum cuspadetum, otherwise known as Japanese knotweed – buhner herbs multitude of benefits for lyme issues. Should be taken 3-4 times a day. Buying the powders is five times cheaper than the pill form. Japanese knotweed shuts down the inflammatory pathway initiated by the spirochette. It crosses the blood brain barrier. It addresses the inflammation caused by the lyme in the menenges, the connective tissue surrounding the brain. Knotweed makes all herbs and drugs used to recover from lyme more powerful and effective and it has caused treatments that were failing to start working to clear the infection. One Canadian lab study concluded some of the alkaloids in Cats Claw can stimulate the white blood cells in rats. Similar studies found the alkaloids increase phyagocytosis, the process where white blood cells seek out and destroy invading germs.Certain alkaloids in Cats Claw are thought to reduce inflammation. Cats claw will reliably raise your CD57 counts. Low CD57 can also be related to a Babesia infection. Lymphocytes are the major white blood cells involved in the bodies immune response to infection. The various types of lympocytes have specific functions. They have been sub-divided based on receptors on their surface. The “expression” of these receptors is the basis for catogorizing the various types of lymphocytes. The CD8 cells are referred to as killer T cells, not to be confused with natural killer cells. Most natural killer T cells (NKT cells) are associated with a surface receptor for CD56. The CD57 marker is associated with a small subset of NKT cells. Interestingly, these surface receptors (CD57) have been found on both CD8 cells and CD4 cells. Normally, one would expect these markers to be found on CD8 cells- the population of killer T cells.

The initial immune reaction- the innate response, involves the mobilization of CD57 cells and other T cells as well as cytokines and other chemicals. Normally, a secondary acquired immune response should follow the innate response. This is mediated by B cells aided by helper T cells. Ultimately, the acquired immune response fails. Lyme (Bb) is driven inside the cells as L-forms. B cell responses do not work here. It then falls on T cell responses to become the body’s major immune response needed to keep Lyme and other intracellular germs at bay.

CD57 responses involve the same pro-inflammatory cytokines as seen in Th1 helper T cell responses.

If CD57 responses are low, it may mean that these cells are being consumed by the immune system in the fight against Lyme. If they are high, it may mean that the body is busy cranking out the T cells to assist in the fight against Lyme. A powerful CD57 response is associated with Lyme infection and with other bacteria as well. Other spirochetes do not invoke this response because the structure of their cell wall is different. The unique thing about Lyme (Bb) is that it has lipo-polysacharides on its cell wall. This is antigenic(antibody producing) material, which is devoid of protein. CD57 cells respond to this type of antigen whereas other NKT cells do not. The doctor, at the website LymeMD, has seen no correlation between CD57 and disease activity. Patients in clinical remission may have very low levels and patients with end stage tertiary Lyme disease may have very high levels. Individual immune responses are difficult to predict. He argues that the vitamin D reversal pattern, a possible marker of the Th1 response, may be a much better screen for patients with Lyme disease and other chronic intracellular infections.

• 1 tablespoon powdered milk thistle seed (that I grind in my nut grinder and keep in a jar, do the same for the knotweed). Contains silymarin which is both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Liver protective acting as free radical scavenger. Benefits a liver damaged from industrial toxins like toluene, and xylene, as well as lyme and mold neuro-toxins. Helps with intestinal and indigestion issues. Part of Stephen Buhner aggressive bartonella recovery protocol.

Then I take two teaspoons of high quality olive oil like Apollo Olive Oil Gold Series Barouni 1,093 mg/kg polyphenols AND one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice as a liver flush. See the book Extra Virginity: the Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil.

Polyphenols Advantages

Some of the important polyphenols such as, flavones, flavonoids, resveratrol, and isoflavones are known to possess antioxidant properties. They are also believed to have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, and all these can prove immensely helpful for improving health and general wellbeing.

Most of the polyphenols are antioxidants, and being antioxidants they can neutralize the highly reactive free radicals and minimize their damaging effect on the body cells and tissues. Free radicals are often blamed for causing cellular damage, which is associated with aging. So being powerful antioxidants, they can slow down the process of aging particularly in the skin. They can also invigorate the immune system. A strong immune system is a must for maintaining good health, and keeping infections such as lyme and other diseases at bay. They can improve circulation of blood and boost heart health, which can lower the risk for heart and cardiovascular diseases. Certain polyphenols like, resveratrol in Japanese Knotweed have been found to exhibit anti-tumor activities. Such polyphenols may be able to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors in the body. High quality olive oil may have 20 times the polyphenol content of the so called best virgin olive oils on most grocery shelves. This oil aside from it’s curative effects on leaky gut syndrome and colon function issues associated with lyme:

• Increases the skins ability to maintain moisture;
• decreases “bad cholesterol”;
• increases “good cholesterol”;
• helps intestinal absorption of nutrients;
• helps gall bladder activity;
• lowers probability of gallstones;
• lowers blood pressure;
• decreases gastric acid secretion in ulcers;
• stimulates pancreas secretion;
• aids developing bone in children;
• prevents osteoporosis;
• lowers glucose levels in diabetics;
• reduces risk of prostate cancer; and
• reduces the risk of breast cancer while increasing immune function.

So I take those separately,

Then I make my smoothie. In colder weather I will take out the seaweed, and a few other items that are more cooling or take it less often. Taken together the ingredients in this smoothie are expensive, but the impact on your recovery is priceless:

• 1 barely ripe or not quite ripe banana, handful of strawberries, or blackberries, or raspberries (I prefer raspberries).

• One – two cups of So delicious plain cultured coconut kefir, mix additional fluid with either spring water, or unsweetened almond milk.

• 3 tablespoons of hemp seed powder for 15 grams high quality anti-allergenic protein, fiber, and omega 3,6 fatty acids

• 1 heaping teaspoon of high quality japanese grown chlorella, Lifetime Tung Hai – chelation agent, body detoxification. Lyme neurotoxins induce 4% of your brain matter, the microglia to convert tryptophan into Quinolinic acid – the neurotoxin responsible for lyme symptoms of foggy brain, neuro-transmitter disruption leading to depression, and malaise, damaging cognitive structure and function. Cholorella is one element that helps reverse this situation.

• 2000 IU Vitamin D3 drops.

• 1 heaping tablespoon of alfalfa leaf powder – body detox, major source of trace minerals

• 1 heaping tablespoon of pure synergy — the original superfood since 1973 from My Natural Market on line. Highest rated supplement by users with tonic herbal extracts, asian medicinal mushrooms, green juices, seaweed powders, algae, western herbs, phyto-nutrients and enzymes.

• 1 tablespoon brown seaweed powder from maine seaweed — effective chelation agent to remove heavy metals from the body, very high in easily absorbed minerals. Helps improve thyroid function disturbed by lyme infection due to highly bio-available iodine

• 1/4 teaspoon lutein powder – carotenoid, reduces free radical damage, necessary component of normal vision, helps blood vessel health reducing vasculitis effects from lyme disease, highly concentrated in retinas of your eyes. Ordered from PureBulk on line.

• 1/2 teaspoon of Pro-vitamin A – produces eye pigments, improves nocturnal (night) vision, boosts immune system, protects cerebral cells, reduces the risks of infections common in lyme which do not happen when immune system is healthy and strong. Ordered from Pure Bulk.

• 1/2 teaspoon Maca powder – testosterone levels are affected in lyme disease in both men and women, as well as adrenal function. Maca strengthens libido, treats erectile dysfunction, increases physical stamina, increases energy, improves mood (helps normalize neurotransimitters, and the body’s disease fighting capacity.
1/4 teaspoon Pure Synergy brand, Pure Radiance Vitamin C. This is the only brand of Vitamin C made entirely from wild berries. Ascorbic acid is not real Vitamin C. This is the only 100% naturally derived Vitamin C on the market period.

• 1/2 teaspoon cordyceps – strengthens kidney function and helps recover from liver disorders. Long term anti-biotics in lyme disease damage both kidney and liver function, some severely like flagyl. Cordyceps improves immunity by stimulating certain cells and specific chemical in the immune system. It Increases energy, enhances stamina, reduces fatigue. At the end of long lyme protocols cordyceps help repair the damage done by the disease, particularly beneficial once the infection is under control.

• 10 drops Biosil Advanced Collagen generator. Silica is that main structural molecule in the matrix. That place between the blood vessels and the cells where all the nutrients have to be transported through that. It is the place where the toxic metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic ) are stored. It needs silica in the main structure to make the matrix into a crystal that is electro-conductive, where everything works 10 times faster. Used in the morning and in the evening with water. We used to get it by walking barefoot in the dirt for a couple hours per day. It speeds up the detoxification process. I put it into the smoothie this morning. In Stephen Buhner’s lyme recovery protocol, the first step is to stop the inflammation breaking down down the collagen, and then to support the formation and strength of collagen by combining this product, Biosil Collagen generator with pregnenelone, glucosamine sulfate, and an effervescent solution of Vitamin C to restore the collagen at a rate faster than the lyme can break it down. This Belgium based product by Natural Factors has been clinically proven to improve skin, hair, nails, and bones in humans. It takes 3-6 months to notice very significant improvement. Collagen breakdown is the primary action of lyme spirochettes. Therefore everyone with a lyme infection should include these in their recovery protocol.

• 2 organic raw egg yolks — 2/3rd’s more vitamin A, vit K2W4 (very important and hard to get nutrient for proper calcium and magnesium utilization in the body), 2Xmore omega 3’s, 3X more vitamin E, 7 times more beta carotene, 4-6 times more vitamin D, infinitely less bacteria, and pathogenic material, than conventional factory raised eggs, which I would never use raw. The fat in the egg yolks improves absorption of fat soluble vitamins contained in the smoothie.
1 rounded 1/4 teaspoon of D-Glucosamine-Hydrochloride (derived from shellfish) in this smoothie, plus two other times during the day each supplying 1000 mg. Part of Buhner collagen replacement protocol. Order from PureBulk.

• 1/4 teaspoon of ECGC extracted from green tea ordered from Pure Bulk. (ECGC is part of Stephen Buhner’s updated aggressive bartonella treatment consisting of this product combined with Sida Acuta tincture 1/2 teaspoon 3Xday ordered from the Woodland Essence website, Hawthorne capsules 1 taken 3X, Knotweed ordered from healing spirits as raw herb you have to grind to a powder in a coffee grinder or capsules through Green dragon herbs, Houttuynia from Dr. Zhang 1 taken 3X or First Chinese Herbs, and 1200 mg Milk Thistle per day). I take this protocol as well currently to make sure the remaining bartonella, I have had, is fully cleared, and will stay on it for three months, the life cycle of a red blood cell. ECGC scours and removes damaging free radicals caused by lyme and mold neurotoxins, and has profound anit-inflammatory effects which is very good news for lyme patients suffering from pain caused by inflammed joints.

• 1500 mg Reshi mushroom powder ordered from Natural Arts Botanicals through Adrenal fatigue is a common characteristic of Lyme disease and reshi helps restore normal adrenal function making one more energetic physically and mentally. I take this dose two to three times a day.

• 5-10 drops liquid Vitamin K2 (MK4, not MK7) from Thorne Research. Works synergistically with the Fermented Cod Liver Oil product. Puts the minerals Calcium and Magnesium where they are supposed to go in your body, improving bone density, removing calcium deposits from arterial walls, it will in time remove the calculus from your gums, when combined with the green pastures fermented cod liver oil, so you may never need to go to a dental cleaning session ever again. People report it makes nails grow in strong and shiny without ridges. Helps fight the damaging effects of leptins in gluten sensitive individuals which is a big problem for people with lyme disease because even if they had no-noticeable gluten sensitivity before lyme disease, the auto-immune hyper-sensitivity triggered by the pathogen often causes severe gluten sensitivity, as well as long term antibiotics and their impact on the colon, yeast infections, leaky gut and so on.

If you dare to assemble all these ingredients and make this smoothie (if you have leaky gut or yeast overgrowth take it with one oregano oil softgel, and two Zhang allicin capsules. And if you have stomach bloating that evening take two capsules of Candex prior to bed, and make sure you do not eat or drink anything prior to taking the Candex for at least two hours).

Supplements I took with this smoothie:

• 2 Pure Encapsulations Nutrient 950 (without iron – for men to reduce risk of cancer from too much iron) multi-vitamin supplement. Very high quality supplement.

• Twinlabs 500 mg Pantothenic Acid. Helps restore adrenal function.

• 1 Source naturals or Dr. Mercola brand Artic Pure Krill Oil – Omega 3 fatty acids crutial for support of immune function, a postive mood. Omega 3 fatty acids from solely plant based sources like chia of flax, does not have DHA. If you have elevated insulin levels, as majority of the population does. Krill oil is attached to a phosphate so absoption is massively superior to fish oil and benefits the brain. Contains astaxanthin, the most potent anti-oxidant known to man. High in physophatidyl choline, important in brain development, memory, learning, and precusor for important liver function protector trimethylgycine. Benefits: healthy brain, nervous system function and development, heals joint damage in lyme, increases joint comfort, protects cell membranes, helps fight against the blood thickening effects of lyme pathogen.

• 1 teaspoon green pastures, blue ice fermented cold liver oil — the mighty roman soldier was given a daily ration of fermented fish oil, the Vikings had a drum of fermented cold livers outside their doors. Fermentation transforms natural vitamins into metabolities of co-factor enzymes easily absorbed by the body. See:
Benefits of fermented cold liver oil include better stamina and improved muscle strength (weak muscles are an almost universal lyme symptom as are nervous system and brain function issues), improved nervous system and brain function. Reduced inflammation, morning stiffness, joint pains, eczema, releaves depression and anxiety, improves bone density, sleeping habits, and immunity. This is the only fermented cod liver oil product on the market and it’s quality is exemplary. Based on the research of Dr. Weston Price in the 1930’s. See: and

• Pure 8mg Biotin capsules Why? Dr. D. Klinghardt’s research on Lyme patients who don’t seem to get better with treatment seem to have a condition called Pyroluria. It’s a metabolic disorder that affects the way a person metabolizes iron. It produces a byproduct called a kryptopyrole. These pyroles attach to several vitamins and minerals in our body and dump them into our urine so they are not absorbed. These include b6, zinc, biotin, manganese and the omega 6 that is in evening primrose oil called Arachidonic Acid. These depleted vitamins and minerals cause all kinds of physiological and psychological problems. For example: Arachidonic acid is helpful for facilitating the growth of muscle tissues around the skeleton. Humans get arachidonic acid through their diets. It is primarily found in a variety of red meats, as well as very high in egg yolks and organ meats. Poor Arachidonic acid absorption is the primary reason for the muscle weakness and muscle wasting which commonly occurs with severe lyme disease. Individuals with an arachidonic acid deficiency may not be able to grow correctly, or may have difficulty fighting off infections. Some doctors claim that in order to process arachidonic acid correctly, it’s helpful to have a supply of the omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil. Fish oil supplements are often used to boost brain power and help get rid of the brain fog associated with lyme disease. Extemely low testosterone levels can be a factor as well in muscle weakness. Dr. K has tested his Lyme patients and 75% test positive for pyroluria. Dr. K says the depletion of zinc leaves the body open to infection and allows it to take on heavy metals that would otherwise be eliminated. The borrellia blocks the one key enzyme which disarms your immune system by making you pee out your zinc. It completely disarms your immune system with one stroke. Zinc and manganese are absolutely essential for your white blood cells to create the components that infer immunity. We know there is a great relationship between chronic infections and zinc deficiency. And everybody is given 30 mg and then nothing is happening because he is peeing out 300 and getting 30. The chronic infection is responsible for creating these conditions. There is also a challenge with copper toxicity which can be horrible for one’s nervous system. (you can also do an internet search on copper toxicity to see its symptoms) Apparently with the absence of zinc, the heavy metals plug into the vacant receptor sites inside the body instead of zinc. So he is finding that in his Lyme patients that don’t improve, if he treats the pyroluria, the body is able to better fight off the infection. Close to 100% of his chronic lyme patients have this condition. Dr. Klinghardt asserts that Autism is a case of congenitally acquired lyme disease. The ingredients in this smoothie are designed to push the body back into balance through super-nutrition. You can get the testing kit for pyroluria without a doctor’s order by visiting the Bio-Center Laboratory website and order it there. To get help in reading the results there is a pyroluria facebook group that has certified naturopathic doctors there who specialize in this. They will happily tell you what your numbers mean. See: kpu_lymelighters_0110_presentation.pdf Personally, I prefer to spend my money on the ingredients for my smoothie than any tests or lyme doctors. To see Dr. Klinghardt talk for two hours about this issue at a Lyme and Autism conference go to:

And for more training programs, articles and videos from Dr. Klinghardt go to:

Klinghardt also points out that usually people have enough internal copper stores for about 4-5 months but zinc knocks out copper. Copper is involved in Dopamine synthesis. There is a myth in American nutritional medicine that we are all copper toxic which is completely in conflict with the scientific literature. We need between 3-4 milligrams of copper per day, and what we have been getting is about .5 milligrams. When we have lyme disease the enzymes needed to fight lyme disease are all copper dependent enzymes. And when the immune system shoots off it’s ammunition, there is a lot of displaced copper which shows up in the hair analysis, but on a deep level we are depleted in it. Vitamin C and homeopathic copper helps recycle the oxidized copper and bring it back into the tissues where it is needed. The company which makes Klinghardt’s core protocol to address the Pyroluria issue is called Biopure PyroluriaPyroluriaPyro, which I assume he has a financial stake in. I did not use it in my recovery process (perhaps because the other things I was doing conquered this issue), but everyone is different.

• Life extension super R- Alpha lipoic acid — 300 mg (take morning and evening). Most supplements contain a 50:50 ratio of the R and S form of ALA with the S form being biologically inactive. A vital component to any lyme protocol. Whenever you kill Lyme critters, you create a fireworks display of free radicals in the body. These free radicals damage cells and create inflammation, which in turn affects immune function. Alpha-lipoic acid is a potent catcher and destroyer of free radicals. And while so many nutrients have anti-oxidant properties, alpha-lipoic acid is at the forefront of anti-radical power. Other anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, serve only to quench free-radicals in the fatty membrane of cells, while others, such as vitamin C, get ’em in the watery part only. Alpha-lipoic acid has the unique ability to quench free radicals in both the watery and fatty part of cells, which means that it can eliminate radicals generated from all kinds of metabolic processes. As if that weren’t enough, it makes other anti-oxidants more effective, because anti-oxidants are thought to function synergistically; that is, they work together, and alpha-lipoic acid happens to play a central role in this anti-oxidant network.

What this all amounts to is less cellular damage and inflammation as a result of Lyme and the fouled-up metabolic processes it creates.

Another benefit of alpha-lipoic acid is that it lowers glucose and insulin levels as it improves insulin sensitivity (function). It does this by increasing the burning of glucose by speeding up the Krebs cycle(sometimes by up to one-third!), and by improving the efficiency of insulin, which moves glucose into cells. In fact, high doses of alpha-lipoic acid have shown to improve insulin’s effectiveness by an average of twenty-seven percent in diabetic patients. Due to the HPA dysfunction that is found in Lyme disease, many Lyme patients suffer from some degree of insulin resistance. Alpha-lipoic acid may be one effective way to combat this.

• 1 400IE softgel of Unique E brand Vitamin E. Vitamins are biological complexes. They are multi-step biochemical interactions whose action is dependent upon a number of variables within the biological terrain. Vitamin activity only takes place when all conditions are met within that environment, and when all co-factors and components of the entire vitamin complex are present and working together. A vitamin is a working process consisting of the nutrient, enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidants, and trace minerals activators.

Since the alpha-form is generally recognized to provide the major Vitamin E activity, mixed tocopherols are typically converted to alpha-tocopherol. This neglects the value of gamma and delta tocopherol which are the key contributors to a lyme recovery protocol.

This all-natural, pure mixed-tocopherol concentrate (Unique E) consists of a proprietary mixture of the four tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) as obtained from plant-source oils. It is totally devoid of fillers, allergens, colorants, additives, soy protein, wheat or gluten. This concentrated formula provides all the benefits of the complete spectrum of the four tocopherols typically found in food. Each capsule contains a consistent amount of the four tocopherol molecules. Recent research has shown that gamma and delta tocopherol have other functions that are unique and different from alpha-tocopherol. Thus, current scientific literature would suggest that the consumption of a significant amount of all four Vitamin E isomers is of greater benefit than simply consuming alpha-tocopherol. Gamma tocopherol has been established as especially vital for antioxidant support as well as for immune system support and to promote a balanced inflammation response.* Dr. Shute did his original research on this version of Vitamin E in the 1960’s to prove it’s effectiveness in reversing heart disease.

100 mg gelcap of Coenzyme Q10 taken morning and evening: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitaminlike substance that is found in highest quantities in heart muscle tissue. It is not a true vitamin since it can also be synthesized by the body, with lessening amounts produced as we age. CoQ10 plays a variety of intricate and important roles in your body’s ability to produce energy. Perhaps its most important role is that of helping the cells’ mitochondria manufacture cellular fuel, known as adenosinetriphosphate, or ATP. The amount of ATP produced by the cells is directly related to energy levels. The more ATP that is produced, the more energy is available. Without an adequate supply of CoQ10, the cells are unable to produce enough ATP, resulting in energy loss and fatigue. CoQ10 also acts as a fat-soluble antioxidant. It enhances the ability of its fellow fat-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E, to do its job. CoQ10 is a critically important nutrient for the heart, improving energy production in heart cells. Heart muscle biop- of Lyme patients often show CoQ10 deficiency, according to Dr. Burrascano. In fact, this deficiency may be a major causative factor in the chronic fatigue of some Lyme patients. An important additional risk factor for CoQ10 deficiency is the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins like cholestyromine. These are sometimes used for heavy metal chelation by Lyme patients. (Doctors recommend generally avoiding the statin drugs in patients with chronic fatigue, but for those who must take statin medications, supplementation with higher doses of CoQ10 and fish oil will help.

This versatile nutrient has other important functions. CoQ10 can be very helpful in the regulation of high blood pressure. Combined with L-carnitine, it can help patients with congestive heart failure. It also helps to improve immune function and has anti-cancer properties. Finally, it may act as a powerful brain anti-oxidant and neuro-protector (especially against neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinsons disease).

The usual dosage range for CoQ10 is 50-200 mg per day. As a reminder, CoQ10 (and also alpha lipoic acid and vitamin E) should not be used while you are using the anti-Babesia drug atovaquone (Mepron, Malarone) because CoQ10 interferes with the action of this medication. While CoQ10 supplementation on its own can often improve energy levels, I have found that best results are achieved when CoQ10 is taken along with a full range of other essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

About one half hour after breakfast I take my first of three times a day, of the tinctures for Buhner’s agressive bartonella treatment, the most important of which is Sida Acuta. At the same time I take Woodland Essence Muscle tone formula tincture consisting of Pine Pollen (adaptogen) high in natural testosterone, restores normal testosterone levels. Just ask my wife. Also contains American Ginseng, and Arelia. This formulation helps repair the damage caused by one of the lyme neurotoxins Gossypol, which consists of 12 linear and 12 circular plasmids activated by environmental stress. Gossypol tires the immune system so it operates less efffectively. It lowers testosterone levels. It creates increasingly worse fatigue, eventually crashing the adrenals, which leads to muscle weakness, and poor recovery from any exercise. Also take 1/2 teaspoon of Herb Pharm Eleuthero 1: 2 formulation. Other products on the market are 1:4 and not strong enough for lyme recovery. It stimulates immune function, decreases fatigue, brain fog, and depression. It is a must for neurocognitive lyme. And difficult to recover from lyme induced chronic fatigue without it.

There are many supplements and treatment options I did not take which might be essential for your recovery. Everyone’s symptom picture is different. However, there are many things that are the same, which benefit everyone.

For those who took the time to read all of this, I trust it will give you hope that recovery is possible, and perhaps guide you to some promising ideas you can test on yourself, and experiment. I trusted my intuition and my bodies response to the various things I tried. Many of them were dead ends, the results achieved with some were cummulative and required a degree of patience. I believe I have learned a lot from having this illness, researching the recovery process, studying in particular people who did recover from chronic lyme and what was similar and different in their recovery stories, as well as the experiences of lyme literate physicians and what was working and not working with their patient populations. I wish you well on your journey to recovery. Never give up. It is possible to get through this. I know it in my bones.

Steven Cabana

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