LYME STORIES: Barbara MacLeod (Kittery Point, Maine)

Part of the 2012 WBUR series on Lyme Disease, Barbara MacLeod — a former New England Cable News anchor — shares her harrowing story.

 So it all started when I was about 25 years old. And I started suffering from strange symptoms: pain, fatigue, stuff I couldn’t put my finger on. I was having trouble sitting, and I was having shoulder problems that would wake me up at night, every night. And I had just taken a job as an anchor, the main anchor, at a small cable station on Cape Cod, called Cape 11.

I had been there for about a year when I started having all these health problems. I would go to these doctors to try to figure out what the specific symptoms were. For my shoulder pain I was going to an orthopedic person, who would look at my shoulders and thought maybe it was overuse from tennis or racquetball, so maybe I had some type of arthritis with the knee pain; I had a bad knee from ski-racing.


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