Celebrity Detox at the Harbor View – April 8-12

What to Expect

The Celebrity Detox retreat at the Harbor View Hotel focuses intensively on dietary health, whole-body wellness, immune system support and recovery from chronic illness through the prism of weight-loss. It incorporates a program of walking, contemplative/meditative practices, yoga and relaxing body treatments that each help participants achieve a balanced sense of well-being.  This five-day kick-start is the perfect way to restore equilibrium to your life, help you feel healthier and more energized than ever. You will also get all the support and education you need.

Learn how to cleanse your body for a healthy, clear mind. Learn how to maintain health and prevent illness. Learn how to juice and make healthy food choices. Feel energetic, youthful and healthier all in just five days.

The Abiding Charm of Edgartown

Enjoy your five-day spell in the historic charm of the Harbor View Hotel. Originally built in 1891, the hotel is flanked by the historic homes of the 19th Century whaling captains and overlooks the scenic town harbor to gaze across at the Chappaquiddick beaches.
Beneath the stately elm trees lining Water street, you can walk in your free time from the hotel to everything in Edgartown or explore our quaint town on a bicycle.

Treatments & Benefits

Enjoy 4 nights’ and 5 days’ accommodation at the Harbor View Hotel; nutritious &delicious vegetarian weight-loss meals along with healthy juices; naturopathic wellness workshops with Dr Roni; daily yoga or movement classes; 2 spa treatments; Lyme & chronic illness discussion with Dr. Enid; healthy-eating classes with Dr. Makeba; talks and walks through chronic illness classes; a take-home manual on detoxing at home; and a delightful gift book full of nutritious soup, juice and broth recipes.


Sample Program Schedule

8:00 – Yoga class
9:00 – Healthy breakfast
10:00 – Nutrition class with Dr Makeba
11:00 – Detox workshop and illness with Dr Roni
1:00 – Healthy lunch
2:00 – Lyme with Dr Haller
3:00 – Spa treatments
5:00 – Healthy dinner
6:00 – End of day assessment

Space is limited – BOOK NOW!

$3,475 per person

Call: (774) 208-2477 (Leave a message on Dr Roni’s direct line.)
Email: drroni@mvholisticretreat.com

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