Swedish Massage for Lyme-Depression

Quoting from Stephen (Harrod) Buhner’s superb and compact book, Healing Lyme

Expanding the Protocol -> Depression

Depression is a common problem with Lyme infection.  The best thing that can be done for that is a regular, weekly Swedish massage.  I have used this as an adjunct to healing, both as a psychotherapist and herbalist, for over 20 years.  The outcomes are remarkable (see Lymph section for more detail).  It is one of the hardest things to get people to do (too self-indulgent, they think) but the one that has the best outcome.  It is far better than pharmaceutical intervention.  After massage, the best thing for depression is eleutherococcus tincture.

Stephen Buhner

Note that Eleurococcus senticosus is already a part of the core Buhner protocol.

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