Vineyard Lyme Center Opens

Vineyard Lyme Center Opens” | by Katie Ruppel | The Vineyard Gazette | September 7, 2012

After spending years studying Lyme disease, Enid Haller and husband Sam Hiser opened the Martha’s Vineyard Lyme Disease Center last Thursday off Panhandle Road in West Tisbury.

The educational center provides pamphlets and books on Lyme disease, a list of so-called Lyme-literate doctors and individual consultations with Ms. Haller to talk about medical history, symptoms and steps to getting accurately diagnosed and treated.

“We are Lyme advocates, more than anything,” said Ms. Haller.

Added Mr. Hiser: “If you don’t have a free information center like this on the Vineyard, people don’t know what steps to take.”


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