The Jemsek Letters to the IDSA

Riveting reading …

This sequence of letters is the most cogent and thorough articulation of the flaws of the 2006 IDSA Guidelines, coming from a top Lyme-Literate physician (speaking on behalf of a group of expert, deeply experienced doctors) seeking participate in the process.

Dr Jemsek was pushing the IDSA to include a diversity of opinion in the guidelines-authoring process, while pointing out the glaring problems particular to their Lyme guidelines.

Not only did Dr Jemsek apparently here get the stiff-arm from IDSA bureaucrats but he is featured a few years later in the movie, Under Our Skin, in front of a state medical licensing panel having his medical license revoked for departing from the rules in treating Chronic Lyme successfully. Upon reading this correspondence, one understands precisely what was in Dr Jemsek’s mind as he stared into the middle-distance when the gavel came down in the movie.

Retribution? It’s the IDSA’s chilling approach to a statement of power. Individual financial incentives don’t completely explain behavior this weird. The IDSA is being used by the CDC, the NIH & pharma to avert a panic — and by the insurance industry to forestall a run of claims.

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