Trailer: “Under Our Skin”

We didn’t know our complex of symptoms was based on compound tick infections until we saw this movie. Believe me, the recognition was immediate and certain. Seeing the cases in the movie, extreme as they are, was like a light going on in a cave. I, for one, eventually recognized symptoms dating back to 1978 and had had career-impacting neurological trouble since 1996.

After viewing “Under Our Skin” we called Dr Charles Ray Jones to make an appointment for our daughter; he’s the only working Lyme pediatrician in the United States. Then we began the odyssey, experienced the awakening consciousness of healing and moved through the latter Stages of Grief — this includes forgiveness.

The hardest part was the discovery and accepting that authoritative individuals are wrong. After that, breaking through our own denial became easier.

We wish everyone had a straight line to competent care but most paths are labyrinthine and ruinously expensive, not from the rarity of specialist care but due to misleading guidance from normally trusted sources. It takes a lot to admit you’re wrong or that your constructs — your systems of knowledge & incentives — are imperfect. (Sam)

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