The ILADS Guidelines

The ILADS Guidelines

"The ILADS Guidelines"


“The ILADS Guidelines” is what we call the most important document in the clinical diagnosis, treatment and healing of CHRONIC Lyme Disease.

The document contains the authoritative guidelines for treatment. Only these guidelines acknowledge the persistence and chronic nature of tick-borne infections. It’s a document authored by a credible panel of Lyme-Literate physicians — the ILADS Working Group — which is comprised largely of doctors who work daily with patients (as opposed to research or teaching doctors).

The ILADS Guidelines actual title is The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society: Evidence-based guidelines for the management of Lyme disease (PDF, 13 pages).

It is important for anyone seeking Lyme care or suspecting a possible Lyme or tick-borne infection to read this short and readable document because it clears away the great quantity of untruth, obfuscation, mis-information, dis-information and myth about Lyme Disease and its associated disorders.

And it will help you in wading through the confusing choices to move directly with the greatest speed to appropriate & effective care.

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